Kuremal Kulfi – a Masterclass and Recipes

the best ice cream in delhi?

kuremal kulfi

The best ices in Delhi?  It’s a big claim, but these are kulfis with a pedigree.

The Kuremal family have been making kulfi in the old city since 1908 when Pandit Kuremal  left his ancestral village in Haryana at the age of 8 to seek fame and fortune in the big city. He learned the kulfi business with an Old Delhi Halwai (sweet -maker ) and by the time he was 14  had his own pushcart selling two flavours, plain rabri and mango.  Word spread and over the next 40 years Kuremal built the business to a multi-cart affair.

When Pandit’s  son Mahavir Prasad took over in 1975, he moved the business off the street and into its present shop, tucked in amongst the old havelis of Kucha Pati Ram, off Sitaram Bazaar.

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