A Spot of Surgery and a Saveur Blog Award Finalist


To be honest, blogging has been the last thing on my mind recently.

About a month ago I suddenly decided to have some hip surgery I’ve been putting off for a while. I did a few last beautiful spring walks in Old Delhi with friends, my husband and son wangled some time off work/school and we flew back to Edinburgh.

It’s now been two weeks since the surgery and needless to say my usual musings on my beloved Old Delhi have been on hold as I concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other.

I’m very thankful that all seems to have gone well but frustrated to not be racing around yet. One of the things I think about every day is ‘could I manage Old Delhi yet’? That could take some time – I’m still struggling to cross the road in Edinburgh before the green man disappears!

I’m also not doing much in the kitchen beyond making cups of tea and heating up soup – although Dean says I must be on the mend because I’ve started bossing him around when he’s cooking.

I’ve got to say, though, everyone in the family is proving to be pretty nifty in the kitchen. Dean has produced a constant supply of stews and roasts (it’s bloody freezing here – in fact yesterday, the alleged start of British Summer Time, saw snow in Edinburgh). My daughter makes a mean Thai Green Curry and my youngest son is the king of Carbonara. My eldest son has yet to rattle the pots and pans but I have big plans for him in the weeks ahead.

My Mint newspaper baking column is also on hold for the time being but I’m hoping to rustle up some recipes in the next week or so.

Anyway, as you can imagine blogging has been the last thing on my mind given that the things I most love to write about – Old Delhi and baking – are out of reach for now.

So I was absolutely flabbergasted, in fact I thought it was a codeine-induced hallucination when I saw on Twitter yesterday that Eat and Dust is a finalist in the Saveur Magazine Blog Awards 2015. Stunned – out of 50,000 entries, I’ve been shortlisted in the Culinary Travel category. Thank you, thank you, thank you to whoever nominated me!

If you’d like to vote, or just take a look at the wonderful range of beautiful blogs Saveur have highlighted again this year (they’ll certainly be helping me pass the hours between physio and binging on Netflix), click here.

If you’re new here, I apologise for the lack of ‘eat’ and ‘dust’ (Edinburgh has to be the least dusty place in the world and street food is limited to the weekly hog roast at the farmers’ market) appearing at the moment but here are a few posts from the archives you might enjoy:

One of Old Delhi’s Most Fabulous Breakfasts at Khan Omlet Centre

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A Recipe for ‘Old Delhi’ Cheesecake

Sita Ram Diwan Chand’s Chana Bhatura (with recipes)



8 thoughts on “A Spot of Surgery and a Saveur Blog Award Finalist

  1. Hi Pamela, do get OK fast and come back to Delhi.
    I do think that you should settle in Delhi for good.
    The city has given you so much joy & I and so many other readers of Eat & Dust have rediscovered our city thru your eyes.
    Warm regards,
    Kamal Hans.
    PS- tried voting for E&D but the site keeps showing up an error. Will try again.

  2. I hope all goes well! Focus on your health and getting better. Put one foot forward at a time. Don’t rush things.

    I bought your book in the kindle version and I am madly reading it and looking up every place I can on Google maps! I am making my own Old Delhi map of places to visit. And I live in Japan, of all places. I love Indian food although I have to admit I am weak when it comes to red peppers. If it’s too hot, they do me in. But I love love Dosa!

    Oh, and of course, I voted for you! Tell people that they have to keep pressing the VOTE button till they get a message saying THANK YOU FOR YOU VOTE!

    Thank you for all your work on making Old Delhi so interesting and accessable!

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your surgery Pamela, and sorry we didn’t meet when I was living in Delhi this fall and winter. (I’m back in Toronto now.) But congrats on the Saveur nomination — well deserved.

    I’m writing a food post just now, about food in Delhi. I’m a bit nervous as I don’t usually cover food. But I did eat quite a lot of yummy things this past winter. Anyway, wish me luck and I will link to your blog and possibly quote from it, if that’s okay. Cheers, get well soon! Hope to see you in Delhi NEXT winter 🙂

  4. Thanks for your message Mariellen. It was a shame we didn’t get to meet in Delhi but maybe next time! I look forward to seeing your Delhi food post! All the best. Pamela

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