Your Weekend Starts Here: Egg Paranthe in Katra Bariyan, Old Delhi

IMG_5185   Old Delhi in July is not everyone’s idea of fun. In fact, most people would probably say that Old Delhi in the middle of a north Indian summer is the last place they’d want to be.  When the temperatures are pushing 50ºC and monsoon humidity is looming,there is a huge temptation to simply find the coolest spot possible and not move if you can avoid it.  But sometimes I feel the need to shake my fist at the iphone weather app and head into Old Delhi. Not least because I know there will be something great to eat and that always improves the mood – whatever the weather. A couple of weeks ago, I did just that and stumbled on a wonderful egg parantha stall on the corner of Naya Bans and Katra Bariyan.  I must have walked past it a thousand times because Khan Omlet Corner is no newcomer.  The Khans’ stall is hugely popular little eatery at breakfast time when the Naya Bans morning market is full swing. safe_image.php The breads are crisp, the spiced egg filling has just the right amount of green chilli and coriander to kickstart the day and the mango pickle on the side sets the whole thing alight.  There’s even a little shady ledge to sit on to get out of the sun and watch the market commotion. IMG_5141 IMG_5142 IMG_5145 I returned exhausted and sweaty but well fed, triumphant at having conquered the weather and ready to take on the world again. Get your weekend off to a great start with the Khans’ wonderful egg paranthe.  You won’t regret it. Having said all that I’m off to cooler climes for a couple of weeks to see family in London and Edinburgh.  We’ll also have some time in Corfu so brace yourselves for Instagrams of blue seas and cold beer. By the time I get back at the beginning of August, the monsoon will be in full swing and I’ll be itching to get back into Old Delhi for all the food that tastes so good in the rainy weather – jalebis, pakore, samose and ghewar – and a visit to Ram Swarup which for some reason I always associated with puddles. IMG_5150


18 thoughts on “Your Weekend Starts Here: Egg Paranthe in Katra Bariyan, Old Delhi

  1. So enjoy your writing and reading your recipes…India is a country I would like to visit in every season, even though I think missing July and August would be okay. I’ve never been brave enough to eat from the market stalls. Maybe next time! Safe travels. Gwyn

  2. Hi, Give me a shout if you would like to meet up for coffee again in Edinburgh? It would be great to exchange news…

  3. Hi Linda – that would be lovely. We’re off to Corfu for a couple of weeks back on 23rd – I’ll give you a shout then. Px

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  4. I dont eat egss (wait for them to hatch into chicks is what I often give as an excuse) but your pics and post were so delightful I am tempted to look up this place. Maybe will take the partner along to try out the parathas…he loves eggs. 🙂

    Happy holidays to you!!

  5. Just started reading your book: Korma, Kheer & Kismet – Five Seasons in Old Delhi … and what a culinary trip down the fabled alleys of “Puraani Dilli”. Every morsel of the book is as delectable as one would expect from the eateries covered. Thoroughly enjoyable and a foodie’s delight.

  6. I really enjoyed your book, it was a mouthwatering read. Can’t wait to head over to Old Delhi and try it all. But maybe the first stop will be the egg parathas? Any special recommendations for a Saturday morning in September?

  7. Hi Michelle – The egg parathas are excellent, definitely give them a go. And everything that’s in the book (except Daula ki Chaat, it’s too early) should be open – although Ashok and Ashok doesn’t open until 1pm. Have fun!

  8. Read about you and egg paranthas in Femina Magazine at my hospital bed. Got so interested that the moment i came back home, the first thing i did was to search for your site. Awesome work Pamela! Great going!!! 🙂

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