Help Name My Book!


I thought the agony of doing the first draft of my book on Old Delhi was bad enough! Now I have to decide on a title.

The working title has been ‘Mutton Korma at Shokkys’: Five Seasons in Old Delhi’ but a few months ago I took against it.  However, coming up with something that I love more has so far escaped  me.

What do you think?  I want the title to convey what my book is about – the street food of Old Delhi, the families who make it and their stories.

Here are some of the options, sort of in order of preference… As you can see they all have the same strap line – ‘Five Seasons in Old Delhi’


All input greatly appreciated!


1. Mutton Korma at Shokkys’:

       Five Seasons in Old Delhi

 2. The Kheer Wallah’s Kismet:

       Five Seasons in Old Delhi

3. Korma, Kheer and Kismet:

       Five Seasons in Old Delhi

 4. Kheer and Kismet:

       Five Seasons in Old Delhi

 5. Mutton Korma and the Kismet of Kheer: (husband thinks this one sounds like ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’!)

       Five Seasons in Old Delhi 

6. Mutton Korma and Kulfi Wallahs:

       Five Seasons in Old Delhi

7. Tandoori Days:

       Five Seasons in Old Delhi

8. Aloo Tikki Times:

       Five Seasons in Old Delhi




39 thoughts on “Help Name My Book!

  1. Kheer & Kismet – usually always opt for the ‘rule of three’ but somehow this one resonates more than when you add ‘Korma’ to the mix…

  2. Why not build off your blog, the bit that got you started, and drive traffic back to it, i.e. Eat and Dust: Korma and Kismet in Old Delhi.

    Korma sounds like karma but will make people take a second look. Eat and Korma retain the ‘it’s about food’ element, while Dust and Old Delhi give it location.

    Not sure the Five Seasons in Old Delhi adds anything, so it might be that phrase that has prevented you from settling on anything. Congratulations Pam!

  3. Thanks Shannon – this is agony, having to make the decision and I’m getting progressively more dithery. I think we’d decided against using Eat and Dust because, although I personally love it, it turns out it’s a reference that increasingly, only old buggers like me get!

  4. what about the following options:-
    Birbal ki Khichdi (no good for foreign readers!)
    Khairati Kheer; (..most eating joints in India are due to pvt enterprise and against govt sops to non functional institutions like The Ashoka for eg..)

  5. I like no 3. Definitely not the tandoori and alloo tikki ones. They are too obvious somehow.

  6. Hello, I wish I would go through your writings. It is because I was born in Old Delhi and love that place and the interesting food varieties there.

    Best regards

    Syed Iqbal Hussain

    Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 12:06:12 +0000 To:

  7. Korma and Kulfu Wallahs

    Short, but to me says street food. Mutton may be offputting and not necessary.
    Am sure by now you have wished you hadn’t thrown this open!

  8. Eat and Dust, Kheer and Kismet.
    It’s not about old buggers, it’s plays on words and references that someone younger might want to look up. Just listen to the way the words sound, the book will be heavily promoted, your blog is well known, the buyers will mostly be your followers, anyone else who comes along for the ride is welcome.

  9. @ Makalali – too much like a guide book, which it’s not
    @ B.S Rawat – also sounds more like a guide book
    @ Jan No! It’s been really useful and there is a consensus building here and on Twitter/FB
    @Ian – I, too, love ‘Eat and Dust’ but the book is a bit different to my blog – and never fear – blog readers will be very familiar with the title before it comes out!

  10. Kismet and karma: street food in Old Delhi

    (Sorry for repeating post but not sure got through. Publication date?)

  11. I prefer “Kheer and Kismet: Five Seasons in Old Delhi”. It has a memorable, somewhat alliterative sound, the word ‘kismet’ might resonate with non-Indian audiences and the whole title almost gives a good preview of what the book is about. To explain the ‘almost’. You might consider adding something about food as well to the second part of the title. For example, “Five Seasons of Eating in Old Delhi”, or “Five Season’s Food in Old Delhi”. Something like that.
    I admire your wonderful site. Congratulations on your book

  12. @ Udit – what about the food side of things?
    @ Tushar and @Shweta – I think we’re getting some consensus now!
    @ Ed – thanks for your input
    @ Mike – I was trying to steer clear of the word ‘karma’!
    @ Kamal Hans – again sounds like a handbook I think

  13. Pam if the book you are writing is about food in Old Delhi then the name which comes to my mind is : Old Delhi’s legacy of aroma n taste

  14. whatever you choose, lose the Mutton. Has such bad connotations in the first world, old and fatty. I agree with the person who suggested Eat and Dust, much move evocative than mutton, or at least bringing better visual images!

  15. ” Delhi belly on the Run ”…sorry I just could not resist it, what about ” Delhi Grazing ” or ” Spices of life in Old Delhi ” let me know when you publish i will have a copy. I will be in Delhi for a solo art exhibition in late October 2013 if your around there then. all the best Michael

  16. I like both 3 and 4 — Korma, Kheer and Kismet OR Kheer and Kismet. Both work well with the rest of the title, both have that lovely alliteration going on and both take it away from being too specific about one vendor or type of vendor…

  17. Oh, I just read all the other comments… looks like there is indeed a consensus building…

    I too like Eat and Dust but agree that it’s a bit obscure and not as immediately appealing as kheer and kismet.

    And yes, I don’t like mutton in the first working title, nor the reference to a specific business…

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