Gorgeous Goddesses and Lashings of Aloo Puri in Old Delhi

Saturday was Ashtami, the 8th day of the nine-day Hindu fasting period known as Navratri  (literally, ‘nine nights’) during which the goddess Durga is honoured.

Food, as ever, plays an important part.

Throughout Navratri, Durga  is  offered all the good things (ghee, jaggery, fruit, coconut) to ensure a healthy and prosperous year ahead.  On Ashtami many people invite little girls (to represent the different forms of Durga)   into their homes and ply them with heaps of treats.

I again was lucky enough to celebrate Ashtami with the lovely Arora family and all the beautiful little girls of their neighbourhood.

Along with the little goddesses, I was amply fed and watered.

On the way back to the Metro, I noticed Old Delhi businessmen were also doing their bit  to keep the goddess happy by giving away free  food.  Every few yards there was a temporary stall groaning with huge vats of chhole  and aloo ).  Behind, small armies were frying up thousands of  fresh hot puris. In front, hundreds of open hands.

Including mine.
I shouldn’t really have been able to eat another thing but I just couldn’t resist stopping for some of the fresh puris that were flying out of this pan  in Lal Kuan.

Served with a tapas-sized portion of potato curry, the dish  was completely delicious.

One portion, needless to say, just wasn’t enough but I decided it might not be too good for my prospects if Durga caught me being greedy .

Mark your calendars for food fit for a goddess –  next Navratri starts on 16th October.


5 thoughts on “Gorgeous Goddesses and Lashings of Aloo Puri in Old Delhi

  1. This is great.. I especially love the photos. Have always wanted to travel. Your entries make me yearn even more- and makes my resolve stronger. 🙂 Found your blog when searching for famous indian travel blogs. Would love to find your recommendations of Indian food in http://www.justreco.com .

  2. Good – But it requires more it seemed to have been covered only five per cent of the total areas of food streets

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