Delhi: Colder Than Dumfries

Our son has just returned to college in Dumfries where it’s generally bloody freezing, even in summer so we were surprised to compare notes with him yesterday to find he’s enjoying temperatures about 10 degrees higher than Delhi.

I took these pictures this morning  as Dean and I shivered our way round Lodhi Gardens with the dogs – atmospheric but decidedly nippy.


16 thoughts on “Delhi: Colder Than Dumfries

  1. Awww, I miss Delhi winters!! The waking up to a fog as thick as a wall, that particular smell, and of course, visuals like the ones you captured.

  2. Thanks for all comments about pics – amazing what you can do with a few megapixels on your phone and a little help from mood-enhancing apps! For these I used an app called Snapspeed which am currently loving 🙂

  3. Lovely photos! Today in Chicago we’ve had five inches of snow and the temperature tonight is going to 15 degrees F. I wish we could be in Lodhi Gardens right now!
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Lovely pictures! It is amazing to see India through a non-Indian’s eyes. People in UK get so amazed when I tell them that it was colder in Uttaranchal last week, and probably still is this week, than it is here in south-east UK. Mind you, we have had an exceptionally warm winter so far.
    Loved your Cape gooseberry (called ras-bhary in India) tart too, one of my favourite fruits!
    Keep the pictures coming, they bring back childhood memories, especially pictures of old Delhi.

  5. It seems Uttranchal is reeling under a cold wave and here in east midlands – no snow…weird!!!!!!.
    I remember plucking ras bhery from wild in doon during my childhood days, nowadays it is a rarity.

  6. Thanks for the message Mamta – still shivering here – hot water bottles and mufflers working overtime!

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