A Delhi Street Food Feature For Feast Magazine

Here’s a link to a feature I wrote for the Australian food magazine ‘Feast’. Photographer  Alan Benson and I did this in May when it was boiling, boiling hot and even I was finding it hard to eat huge amounts of deep-fried food!  At Dilli Haat craft market we were literally the only people at the food court.

Alan’s  photos are gorgeous though – Old Delhi never looked better and happily, there are no shots of my red, sweaty face in there!

Feast Feature


23 thoughts on “A Delhi Street Food Feature For Feast Magazine

  1. I hope you are going to keep doing your posts even if you do have to complete your book by the beginning of next year – I just so love reading them as I adore India, the people and of course the food.
    My husband and I will be flying to Kerala six weeks today – I am so excited!! Any must have tips for Kochi after which we are doing homestays?

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Judith – It’s a long time since I was in Cochin but it’s a lovely place. In fact we’re thinking of going there in December – perhaps you can give US some tips on good home stays! Definitely will be blogging throughout (also hoping for a bit longer to write it!)

  3. pamela, your feature for australian food magazine reminded me to ask you –
    do you have any advice on places to eat in sydney? places where we can get good food, not fancy, not touristy – thanks

  4. Babaesha – I wish. I’ve never been to Oz unfortunately. My sole source of information about Australian food is Ozzie Masterchef

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Regarding Pahargunj.. I know of your love for Indian streetfood. And I am sure you might have heard about “chur chur naans from Pradip Corner” in there. But I think there are lot of hidden gems in pahargunj which might interest the the food savvy.

    In between mediocre western/European/Mexican stuff dished out to backpackers there are restaurants that serve amazing dishes in that street.
    Since u have better knowledge of food than most of us, how about giving us a lowdown on eateries based in pahargunj who churn out western dishes and their specialties.

  6. Beautifully written with stunning photos. My husband and I will be in Delhi in January, the beginning of our first trip to India. We are street food lovers and I’m getting tired of all the warnings, “Never, never in India!” Did you have any problems when you first arrived?

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