Good Times With Rocky and Mayur

Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma are the rock stars of the Indian food scene.  I’m devoted to their insanely popular TV show Highway on my Plate, on NDTV Good Times.   In their  quest to track down the authentic dishes of India, these guys spend most of the year on the road – there are dhaba-wallahs in Tamil Nadu who see more of them than their wives!

They’ve ad-libbed their way round this vast country eating everything from Juma (blood sausages) in Arunachal Pradesh to Karimeen in Kerala, they’ve hung  out in tribal huts and army camps, they’ve been feted and berated and they do it all with huge charm and panache.

In a time of creeping MacDonalds and KFC, their enthusiasm for India’s street food is irrepressible and infectious.  I’m a huge fan and couldn’t have been more chuffed when the publishers of the new book of the series asked me to help launch it.

In a packed tent at the back of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club on a chilly ‘Lohri’ evening  last week I got the chance to quiz them about where their great foodie adventure began.

Rocky and Mayur have known each other since they were kids, growing up in the same South Delhi street, and fondly remember all the neighbourhood ‘aunties’ who used to feed them. As young men they would frequently take off on road trips which largely revolved around food.  Which is pretty much the winning formula of their TV show and as Rocky said ‘find something you love doing and you’ll never have to work again’.

As huge champions of what they call the ‘real food of India’, they spoke about their fears that the wildly varied regional food of the country is at risk of being lost in the headlong rush towards global chains and food courts. The book is a wonderful attempt to point us in the right direction, packed with detailed and loving descriptions of  unusual dishes we should all get out and try before they disappear.

Rocky and Mayur – food heroes and thoroughly nice blokes – oh and as you can  see really, really tall!

Highway on my Plate, Random House rs 299


19 thoughts on “Good Times With Rocky and Mayur

  1. Have loved Mayur and Rocky’s enthusiasm to taste street food across India. They instant connect with people is a delight which the ‘Highway on my plate’ camera team captures very effectively. Their comfort with each other takes the show to a different level – it is almost as if I, as a viewer, is part of the gang raiding all those crazy shops.

    May they continue showcasing these wonderful local shops/eateries that sell amazing variety of Indian street food.

  2. Rocky and Mayur’s Highway on My Plate show is definitely one of my favourite food and travel shows on Indian TV. Come to think of it, don’t like any of the others except the old BBC series from Harsha Bhogle which they are airing on TLC now.

    What I look about Rocky and Mayur’s show is that it is a show with its heart in the right place. They look like they are really enjoying themselves, are unpretentious and take you to places untouched by PR.

    I bought the book a few days back. It’s like a Lonely Planet directory with the odd interesting aside. I read the initial chapters on Assam, Arunachal and Andhra before going to bed with heady dreams of yak blood sausages in a tribal hut at Arunachal, pigeon & duck curries at Andhra and rohus stright from the ponds of Assam.

    A peasant surprise after the antispetic Mainland China Cookbook from the same publishers

  3. I’ve been in love with HOMP since it first came! Reminded me a bit of Hairy Bikers and Floyd (minus the cooking).. I wonder if the book will be available in London though 😦

  4. A huge vote of thanks to the Hostess with the Mostest. Pam we were delighted to share such a special time with you. Came away feeling 11feet 🙂 tall thanks to your gracious compliments. Love your passion for India and her foods.
    Looking forward to more chats and meals 🙂

  5. Rokcy n Mayur- true rockstars………….. one of the very few things in today’s world that leave u refreshed n rejuvenated- homp n the brats’ sense of humour….
    HOMP at 9 am has been my alarm for yrs. but now i’m staying in a hostel n things have changed.. i carry a recording of their episodes wherever i go… travelling.. seating idle…. that’s the best pastime i’ve discovered.. n they never fail to make u happy n light .no matter what..
    God bless u guys…… hats off to ur passion… love u both..!
    n let ur fans know bout ur whereabouts time to time…. it’s dream to meet u both..

  6. I just adore the show so very much that i don have the right words to express my pleasure. Its delight, feel good, feel informed… aah!! great show.. Without any doubts the best and all time favourite amongst all the TV shows. They are humorous, witty, fair with their comments, enlightening and of course delicious with their language.
    Great going guys. All the best. Warmest regards.

  7. Mmm.. I am a little uncomfortable with the dubbed versions of the episode. Please continue to telecast the shows in its original language.

  8. hi,
    Hats off to both these gentlemen for this fantabulous show. However, I have a request. Can this list of hotels be published as a downloadable POI file for GPS users?

  9. This is the first time I have heard about “Highway on my plate” …..i will make sure to watch this or maybe buy a DVD, if it is available anywhere.

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