A Welcome South Indian Breakfast

Yesterday morning I was extremely weary and famished after a hectic few days of baking  and not eating properly in the run up to Sunday’s Uparwali Chai pop-up  tea party.  I actually woke up longing for South Indian breakfast so as soon as our dogs had had their turn round Lodhi Gardens, I dragged Dean off to Sagar Ratna in Defence Colony.

I don’t seem to have mentioned it  before but South Indian breakfast fare is one of the great treats of living here and  if you get the urge for idlis, dosas and uttapams, which I frequently do, no-one does it better than Sagar Ratna.

The hardest thing is deciding which you want most.  I made it easier on myself yesterday by opting for two breakfasts – idlis, (steamed rice cakes)  followed by tomato and coconut uttapam (a cross between a pancake and a pizza made from soaked and ground urad dal and rice then fried with various toppings), both served with  coconut chutney and a sinus-clearing sambar soup.

The breakfast-time atmosphere at Sagar is extremely mellow – we lingered over the papers and a couple of cups of South Indian Coffee and were just about ready to face the week.

Sagar Ratna, Defence Colony Market, Delhi


15 thoughts on “A Welcome South Indian Breakfast

  1. Please try the food at ‘Kaustabh’ near Saket Select City Walk Mall. Probably the best south indian food I have had in Delhi =)

  2. I’m a big dosa fan but we usually snack or lunch on them in London’s Tooting in a place that serves them on metal plates, just like India. I would happily have one for breakfast thoug. And isn’t a good coconut chutney just heavenly?!


  3. G’Day Pamela, Lovely to discover this blog, as I,ve been to India just once before and am arriving January 3,2011 for three weeks; having promised to travel there when my daughter turned 16.
    Please contact me as I’d love more information, as I am travelling partly to research the training history of 7 Indian boys who work in my kitchens at NSW State Parliament in Sydney. Cheers, Scottie.

  4. Pamela, just discovered your site after reading an article in the travel supplement of a paper here in Australia. Great stuff. Have had two trips to India in the past and look forward to a third. Love Indian food and cook a lot of it. Your description of the South Indian breakfast made me envious. A good sambar is the ultimate comfort food for me. I make it regularly and the idlis and a coconut chutney as special treat.Will look forward to checking out your site regularly and I have kept the article from the paper for that next trip. –Thankyou–Andrew

  5. Hi Scott – great to see some ‘G’Day’ action here….Do get in touch, send me an email, but I don’t think we’ll be doing a January event until the 9th.

  6. simply adore South Indian brekky- i am someone who cant really abide anything sweet in the morning on *most* days (quite a challenge when i lived in Rome!). i could have this everyday- and some poha, too. lovely. x shayma

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