Book Now for Uparwali Chai on Oct 31st

STOP PRESS: goodies for this event will include: Cheese Choux Buns, Old Delhi-Style Fruit Sandwiches, Tomato and Basil Tartlets, Smoked Trout Pate, Curry Puffs, Mooli (radish) and Sem (broad bean) bites, Lemon and Mint Tassies, Orange and Cardamom Cupcakes, Amarena Macaroons, Pecan Halwa cups, Chocolate Bon Bons, Alfajores with Salted  Caramel.


The mornings are cool enough to linger in Lodhi Gardens, Rama has vanquished Ravana and Delhi’s markets look like they’re ready to party till January.  Although still fairly hot, we cling to these first signs of the precious winter days ahead, when we breathe a collective sigh of relief, switch off the air conditioning and dig out the picnic hamper.

Laura and I reckon it’s time for tea outside – High Tea that is  and we’re hard at work on our first  outdoor  *Uparwali Chai of the season.  On Sunday 31st October, we’re holding a pukka tea party   in a gorgeous (shady) Chanakyapuri garden

Kicking off at 4pm, we’ll watch the sun go down with lots of old favourites – Cheese Pastries, Curry Puffs, Smoked Trout Pate, Macarons – as well as some surprise festive goodies.

There will be 6 savoury and 6 sweet delights, including plenty for vegetarians.   The cost per person will be Rs 1200 (800 for children).

Seats are very limited this time, so book early, address details will be given on booking.

Phone Pamela on 9871927320 or email

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Pamela and Laura

* Uparwali Chai – def: n. tea, high – decadent tea-time treats served with no restraint whatsoever


15 thoughts on “Book Now for Uparwali Chai on Oct 31st

  1. Dear Pamela,
    when is the next one, I am arriving from Canada Nov 2nd and will miss this high tea. Kindly give an idea as to when the next one may be scheduled. I am going to be in Chandigarh area until April next year, but will make the trek to Delhi for the tea.

    Thanks for the blog, I drool over it now and then.


  2. Hi Narender – our next tea party should be on 12th December – hope you’ll be able to make it. Regards Pamela

  3. Boo Pamela, you are making me mighty homesick and feel ‘good food deprived’ as I read this sitting in my cube at California. I will definitely look up your uparwali schedule when I head to India next. I do have a question for you… I recall when I was a kid ( 25 years ago) my grandpa would bring home these amazing rusks which had the flavor of saunf and were mildly sweet. Any idea if these are still made and where? I will bug some of my friends to bring some back for me.
    Thank you and please share more recipes!!!

  4. Your blog is wonderful! I had a first taste of delhi food last year and i wasnt able to believe the amazing taste of such simple snacks. Im going back to delhi in couple of days for diwali with my in laws there. just cant wait to try out some of the places you blog about. I thought food in malaysia is awesome, but man oh man..delhi street food is simply awesome! On behalf of people who are crazy about delhi street food, thnk you!
    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Hi Aparna – I’m not sure about the fennel rusks but am intrigued so will keep an eye out for them. All the best Pamela

  6. Hey Pam!
    Needless to say that I’m another of your die-hard fan of your blog.. (ever hungry to try out new delicacies)!
    Though I’m not used to any such events, but would love to try one.. I missed out on this one due to my B’day on 31st Oct, but I sure want to catch up on the next.. So looking forward to more of your bedazzling articles!
    Jas. (“,)

  7. Hi Pamela,
    the orange and cardamom cupcakes sound amazing. Do share the recipe when you can. I would’ve loved to try them at uparwali chai but I live in Bombay! So will have to make do w my own version of it 🙂

  8. G’Day Pamela, Let me know details of any event that may fall between Jan3,2011 and Jan 5,2011. If so put me down for 2 seats.
    Cheers, Scottie.

  9. Hi Jas – thanks for your lovely message. We should be doing another event on 14th December – hope you can make it…

  10. Hi Pamela.

    Just happened to come across your blog. Loved the idea of upparwali chai. Are you gonna have any on these meets anytime soon? Would love to know.


  11. Vipin – nothing planned at the moment but there are going to be some exciting developments after the summer

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