Upar Wali Chai at The Yum Yum Tree Restaurant

So the rain is easing off, the temperature is dropping – it’s time for afternoon tea!

Laura and I are kicking off the Autumn/Winter Uparwali Chai

season with a fabulous asian-themed event at the gorgeous Yum Yum Tree restaurant in New Friends Colony on 2nd October.

We’ll be making some of your old favourites – Smoked Trout, Emmental, Gruyere and Mozarella Pastries as well as some new Orient-inspired recipes that we’ve been working on – Pear and Star Anise Galettes, Far East Florentines, Tamarind Madeleines with Rose Icing, Lemon Posset Tassies. We’re even making Salted Caramel Macaroons in honour of Gandhi-ji’s birthday

Varun Tuli, Yum Yum Tree’s wildly enthusiastic owner is going to be cooking up a storm with pork buns, chive and cashew buns,  curry puffs, fashion sandwiches (little sushi shaped to look like sandwiches) and his signature strawberry cheesecake.

It’s going to be a sellout so book quickly –  give me a call 9871927320

Look forward to seeing you there.


5 thoughts on “Upar Wali Chai at The Yum Yum Tree Restaurant

  1. I apologize for posting this here….but have tried from my gmail account to your pieceofcake id at livemint and the mail just bounces back!

    I read your piece in the Mint Lounge today and so enjoyed it that thought I would write and tell you so. It brought back memories of my stay in Manchester where I went to the University for a year (very much as a mature student leaving my 4 growing daughters behind). As a family we love to cook, eat and experiment with food of all types. All birthday cakes were made at home, as was everything else! They are all grown women now and seem to have kept up the tradition! I do my own weekly marketing at the local bazaar, and in true Kolkata tradition have my ‘own’ vegetable guy, and fish guy and meat guy and so on! Have been going to the same stalls and the same market for over 30 years! So to see food being sold in supermarkets was indeed an eye opener, and I was certainly a little suspect of the freshness of it all, especially the poultry and meats! However I quickly got used to the convenience of it all!

    Your piece today also reminded me of my husband’s grandmother. She was British and in her days there were very few ‘English’ vegetables available, she used to say, and when they were available, they were prohibitively expensive. Besides vegetables were seasonal, so one had to make do with what was available! Many of the recipes I inherited from her were interesting ways in which she used typically Indian vegetables and cuts of meat to make ‘European’ food!

    Here’s a simple recipe, a HUGE family favourite which proved to be a great way in which to get my children to eat string beans! We normally served it as an accompaniment with roast meats.

    250 gms Barbatti (string beans)
    4-5 cloves garlic minced fine
    2-3 tablespoons peanuts (roasted and coarsely crushed)
    A little oil
    Salt and pepper to taste.

    Cut beans into long pieces about 2 inches and steam for a few minutes. Its important to keep the beans crisp and slightly raw.

    Heat oil, add garlic and fry till golden, then add peanuts and stir for a few seconds. Add string beans, salt and pepper.

    Serve hot.

    It is delicious!
    Brinda Crishna

  2. Hi Brinda – thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely message – I love hearing family food stories and especially appreciate the recipe – especially as it’s from one of my favourite Indian food destinations. All the best Pamela

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