Leaving Kullu Valley

Well, I’m being a very lazy blogger these days.  And although, it might look as if I’m on an  extended holiday,  basking in the sweet cool air of Kullu Valley, I’m actually very busy reflecting, mulling and cogitating – honest!

Every July we leave sweaty old Delhi behind and retreat to  a little cottage in an orchard   –  we stay for a month and wish it could be longer.  Our fried brains cool down and start to think clearly again; we cook, read, walk and play games.

We venture into Manali a couple of times a week to stock up or eat out but mostly just let village rhythms take over.

We do a lot of daydreaming and one of tour most frequent fantasies involves escaping the city permanently for a far-flung  Himalayan village – you know the kind of thing…

Wouldn’t it be nice to live the simple country life ?

We could always renovate a cute tribal house

Spike and Mishti would certainly be happy

Could you ever have too much of Johnson’s Trout Curry Thali?

I might get as fit as these ladies one day

Perhaps we could persuade the local farmers to grow parsnips, designer salad and blueberries

But could we persuade the local shop to supply unsalted French butter?

We worry whether the tiny olive press in the valley could produce enough to keep us in vinaigrette

and whether I could ever  get the hang of the village flour mill

It’s a month of good times…….

It’s good to dream.  See you back in Delhi next week!


22 thoughts on “Leaving Kullu Valley

  1. Hi Divya – no it’s one of the newly-built traditional style village houses – a modern version of the one further up

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  3. Hi Desiderata – we rent a cottage in a tiny village near Naggar in Kullu Valley – I agree some of the towns in the hills are a bit dispiriting but if you look hard there are little patches of paradise

  4. Hi Pamela, the pictures are beautiful and I would leave with a heavy heart too. We used to split our summers in Cyprus – half by the sea and I mean literally in the sea all day long and half in the mountians in some lovely bungalows built by the British all those years ago and your pictures made me think of the peace, the smells and the tranquility of the mountains.
    I know you are a foodie and it shows. I love it too. All the best for oyur coming year in delhi Marina

  5. Hi Marina – thanks for your lovely message. Yes we leave Kullu with a heavy heart but Delhi has its compensations!

  6. Oh wow! You have no idea how envy I am reading this post which happens to be my first of your blog. You are actually living mine and my husband’s dream, well! atleast for a month. Living so far from our homeland we often dream to spend a couple months in a cottage in the himalayas or hridwar 🙂
    That’s such a beautiful post. This is my first time visiting your space and I’m already in love with it! Now I can frequent your world to see what we r missing back home 🙂

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