Full English Breakfast

Sundown on Hammersmith Bridge

We’ve bailed out of boiling hot Delhi and in London for a few days on our way home to Scotland. Then hopefully we’ll have a few days in New York before heading back to India. So for the next few weeks, Eat and Dust ‘s food adventures  will be distinctly un-Indian.

It’s cold, and green and drizzling nicely so comfort food is what’s needed. This was one of the things we’d been looking forward to for the past year – the full English cooked breakfast: sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans.  I won’t win any prizes for, well, anything but sometimes it’s the only thing that will do.

Like Chhole Bhature, there’s no point in going to a fancy restaurant for the the Full English – it has to be eaten in the local ‘greasy spoon’ cafe with mugs of steaming sweet tea and hot buttered toast.

Yesterday, the kids and I chose the nearest to where we’re staying in Hammersmith and the anticipation was almost unbearable as we waited for our first ‘greasy spoon’ breakfast in a year. When the mountains of food arrived, there was a moment’s almost tearful silence before we dived in. No-one spoke till our stomach’s were groaning and we had to stagger back to the flat for a lie-down.

I know, I know, but I love it


15 thoughts on “Full English Breakfast

  1. Yuk! Not as delicious as your usual postings as far as I am concerned, but nostalgia trumps taste I guess. I do sometimes eat the full EB but prefer the posh hotel kind I am afraid, Loch Fyne kippers, bitter marmalade with special spoons and all.
    Anyway good to hear you are on your way back. xjk

  2. I can never seem to manage one of these. The waiters in Scotland always look at me with pity when I order fruit and coffee.

    Lovely blog, by the way!

  3. when are you getting to nyc? we are here for a couple of months … has been wonderful to escape the heat 😉

  4. Apart from the baked beans, a sinfully high calorie but my favorite breakfast.
    The greasiness gives it the special extra flavour

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes its sinful I know to even look at it, but its yyyyyuuummmyyyy all the same, and that will never change !!!!!!!!!

  6. Sorry Jackie! I’m over the first flush of being back and eating stodge so perhaps I’ll blog something more to your taste

  7. Hi there
    Stumbled across your blog from A Mad Tea Party.
    Wondering if you can recommend any good eateries in Scotland? Mainly, Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh?

  8. Hi Photohogger – I know Edinburgh better than Glasgow – some of the best places include Centotre on George Street – wonderful modern Italian from the legendary Contini family; Valvona and Crolla in Elm Row (another branch of Continis); Chop Chop is a new funky Chinese that’s getting raave reviews. If you’re feeling flush get down to Michelin starred Martin Wishart in Leith. There’s also the very beautiful Oloroso, run by the very talented Tony Singh. Have fun!

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