Fruit Sandwiches – posh ones and not so posh ones

While idling on Twitter the other day, I came across this recipe for Strawberry Cream Cheese Sandwiches in the British edition of upmarket food magazine, delicious.   The accompanying picture, I think, is meant to conjure up lazy afternoons watching Wimbledon  with posh snacks but it also reminded me of something a little closer to home.

Possibly  Old Delhi’s most surprising  street food joints is the Jain Coffee House in Raghu Ganj.  People are always astonished by it, not just because of the  location, in a quiet little  grain store off bustling Chawri Bazar, but also because of the sweet delicacy of  Pavan Kumar Jain’s fruit sandwiches.

Fruit Sandwiches at Jain Coffee House

Depending on the season Mr Jain makes exceedingly refreshing mango or apple-based sandwiches.  As  you can see from the picture the Jains don’t skimp on fillings and each one is assembled with great care.  First a slice of soft white bread is spread with orange marmalade (if you’re already saying “gross!”, please, just bear with me!).  Then some slivers of fresh paneer, butter, a handful of sliced grapes, a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds and slices of seasonal fruit – mango in summer and apple in the winter. They also make the most wonderful mango and chickoo milkshakes as well as tea and coffee (hot and cold)

The family’s main business is still grain-trading and the sandwiches are a sideline, but what a sideline!  If you think you can’t face Old Delhi in the summer, try the Jain Coffee House – park yourself next to a sack of wheat and tuck in.

Jain Coffee House, open 10am till 8pm.  From Chawri Bazar Metro walk along Chawri Bazar until almost at the left turn into Nai Sarak.  On your left is a small gully, Raghu Ganj – walk in and turn left, Jain Coffee House is the grain store at the far left.


12 thoughts on “Fruit Sandwiches – posh ones and not so posh ones

  1. been here few times and i agree completely with your review….
    he also make a decent cold coffee….
    probably along with novelty in jangpura….this place has best value for money sandwich in delhi ………

  2. I read bout this place sometime ago as well..Was a similar reaction from the writer.
    But damn..I forget to check out the place everytime m there, which has been real frequent in the near past
    N now..It’s gonna b SO in-frequent in the near future:(
    But m gonna make it a point to visit ALL the lovely places that ve been mentioned here-in (the blog) that are somewhere down in the lanes of Delhi06
    Thanx fr the reminder bout Jain Coffee House n fr all the other lovely eateries:)

  3. Abhishek – Happy eating in Old Delhi – although it’s so damn hot at the moment even I’m thinking twice!

  4. Deepak – thanks for reminding me about Novelty – I still haven’t blogged about that place and their sandwiches are amazing!

  5. Looks and sounds rather interesting! Guess won’t make fun of my hubby next time he suggests making mango sanwiches on the griddle with ghee as the choice of fat , done on low heat till the sandwich is really crispy on the outside. His granny used to make it for him as a treat!

  6. Uma – To receive new posts just press the ‘subscribe’ button on the blog homepage. Cheers. Pamela

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