The first Delhi Farmers’ Market


39 thoughts on “The first Delhi Farmers’ Market

  1. ooh those fennel bulbs, we just got lil fennel plants from our Farmers market taht opened for the season last saturday.

  2. thanks, this looks like a must visit, can you share more details on the location, timings etc. ? is this a weekly affair? I am excited to have stumbled upon your blog, look forward to many more exciting reads and exploration.


    P.S: always eager to help if you run into any wordpress related issues.

  3. @ Rakesh and Kim – The Shanti Niketan Farmers’ Market was organised by Altitude store who I believe are opening a shop in Shanti Niketan market sometime soon. I don’t know if they have any plans to make it a regular event – it was a really small affair, I’ve listed the main vendors in the post. Will of course pass on any info I get about future events.

  4. Thanks! Altitude Store will be at the Delhi Network shopping mela on Saturday, April 20 in the Hyatt ballroom. It’s open to everyone.
    I love their marmalade and papars!

  5. I am so glad I stumbled onto your blog.. It made a brilliant read and very informative. I am an Indian based in the UK and was very involved with the farmers market in East Anglia. Nothing to beat the fresh produce one gets there. Many thanks for blogging about it.

  6. @Shilpa – the Delhi Farmers’ Market not quite on the East Anglian scale yet, but you have to start somewhere!

  7. This is great news!! we Have an Organic Farm in H.P., we grow mostly salads, 9 varieties of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and various fresh herbs, we also specialize in fresh herbs and a locally grown RED rice, we also have a fruit garden with apples plums and cherries and deal also in many vegetables…… we would love to help support the new market…..

  8. Mark – thanks for your message. My family and I spend July in Kullu Valley so perhaps I could come and visit?

  9. Hi I found this Blog to be very interesting. I work for the hospitality industry and now i have developed this special interest in food & lifestyle. There are so many people in Delhi who have spent their lives in Delhi but , have never explored the city and have no clue about the good places they can visit .

    Hence I would like to invite you to try out food at my restaurant . I am working in the Delhi N.C.R region Noida, and I would like to get a true critic on the food served at our place.
    The name of the restaurant is Earthen Oven – its a fine North Indian cuisine fine dining restaurant. And Tandoori lobster is a dish that you would not get everywhere in delhi
    Should you need to get in touch with me please feel free to call me at 9999892179

  10. I think this was more an opportunity for some exclusive vendors to target primarily expat consumers than to start a local Farmers Market which there are plenty of as it is.

    For the ‘Delhi’ in the Delhi’s Farmers Market we may all want to continue to head to the age-old neighbourhood veggie street markets all over the city. They offer not only seasonal local produce (even locally grown ‘exotic’ vegetables!) but also Delhi chaat and other street food which also change with the seasons! Right now you will find shikanji, and jaljeera sellers!

  11. Anita – I agree, although I’m increasingly worried about the chemical content of street market produce and there are some producers making some really interesting stuff – the Altitude cheeses for instance – and should be encouraged. If there’s going to be a proper Farmers’ Market though, it needs to be a bit more ambitious!

  12. Hi we are now growing a lot of organic salad (Lettuce) and herbs, whilst waiting for all our ORGANIC fruits, any interest is always welcome….. any one wishing to visit us are also very welcome….. we also supply a rare variety of Himalayan RED medium grain rice (purely organic and with a very high Protein content) we are looking to expand and help in the organic market in any way including help farmers change from chemical cropping to Organic, logistics and buying / selling….. any queries please contact us at your convenience……

  13. Mark – would love to come and look you up in July – we always spend the whole month there and I love checking what’s new on the food scene there.

  14. Pamela this market seems to be really interesting and i will love to visit the next one. Can you please let me know when it is on?

  15. Alka – I understand they are going to get the market up and running more regularly after the summer – I’ll let you know if I hear anything

  16. I was told Indians in general don’t eat fennel bulb, that looks like fennel to me. Have you seen anyone use fennel stalks? We throw it away at the restaurant and I am trying to find a use of them except as flavoring for stock or as a bed for roasting.

  17. Hi,
    This Mark from Himalayan organics, we are ready to supply a fresh crop of Big sized green peas which are Purely ORGANIC, we have good logistic knowledge and are keen to represent and help grow the awareness of ORGANICALLY GROWN fruit and vegetables please reply for quick response or see our web site for other available products,

    Kind regards,


  18. Just another note to let you know we are in full production of many varieties of mixed Italian lettuce, cos, ice burg and loose leaf all grown Organically in the Himalaya and feed with the natural springs from the high glaciers, we can supply daily or in bulk…. please see our web site for more information…..

  19. Andrew – there are amazing things to do with fennel bulb – you can grate it really finely in salads. I like it braised in olive oil and butter then finished off with lemon juice and parmesan. Where’s your restaurant? I’ll come and collect the bulbs!

  20. @ Pamela yes we do send to various outlets in delhi but we can send any order to any address as required we just sent 20kg organic peas 3.5 kg organic salad and 1 kg of fresh parsley tonight to Delhi! give us an address and we can send you a sample if you like….



  21. Hi Mark,

    I stay at noida.Can you suppy vegetables to noida??our whole family eats lots of vegetables and all organic.

  22. Hi! My name is Amar and I am from Kyelang , Lahoul & Spiti in HP. I found this forum will searching for market for our farm produce in Delhi. My brother and me are farmers and we generally grow variety of vegetables including some exotic salads like Lettuce, Iceberg, chinese salads and also some fruits like apple, plums etc.However, due to in ability or rather non availabilty of proper market most of these veggies end up rotting or as fodder for our cattles. We’ll be very happy and grateful if this forum is able to provide us market for our produce. We also would like to assure that most our our veggies are organic, with further intension to become fully organic. As we do not have any website, so can be contacted only via phone. I would really like to visit the market and so request Pamela to inform me when the next market happens.

  23. We were one of the key members of organizing team for Farmes Market. We now have around 40 acres of Organic Certified Farm at Sohna (Gurgaon) and we are growing organic fruits and vegetables. we intend to supply these organic produce directly from farm to consumers at very reasonable rates through RWA/ community. We also have few other organic producers who would be interested in these events. we are now supplying to some parts of Gurgaon to begin with. If any group of consumers wants organic fruits and vegetables please contact us at +91-9810165575, Regards, Adarsh Singh

  24. Hi ! Similar to someone else above, we also have a small farm where we are primarily growing seasonal flowering plants and some veggies and herbs for our clients . We are also looking for markets where we can sell off the excess produce , which we are are growing with organic manures .
    You can contact me at 9818348601 if you have any suggestions or advice.

  25. Hi Everyone!
    Farmers’ Markets India is planning an inaugural launch of Organic Farmers’Market in New Delhi at the famous Lodhi Gardens. For more details on venue, dates & timings, please visit
    We have a calendar of events covering both Delhi & Mumbai … and we are interested in facilitating and supporting the start-up up similar farmers’ markets all around India.
    For primary producers & organic farmers a stall at our markets is entirely free of charge … for retailers and wholesalers there is a monthly fee.
    Call Vic Gaffney on 9871605353 if you are interested in participating!

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