Moratorium on GM aubergine

Well it’s Phew for now as India says “Nahi Chahiye” to GM aubergine. I’m with V.S. Vijayan, chairman of the Kerala State Biodiversity Board who said our hero of the hour Environment minister Jairam Ramesh has saved India “from a catastrophe” by announcing a moratorium on genetically modified crops.  I’m no scientist but common sense would suggest we be very very scared of GM.

BBC report

The Hindu : Cities / Kochi : Moratorium on Bt brinjal hailed.


One thought on “Moratorium on GM aubergine

  1. I agree (and I did study food science!), let’s keep our fingers crossed that they have the fortitude to withstand the pressure from Monsanto et al. that will surely continue!

    Have you read any Vandana Shiva for some eye-opening and depressing insight into the insidious infiltration of some of these companies in India (not that it’s not happening elsewhere as well)?

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