Season’s Greetings from INA Market

The bakery in INA Market was feeling festive yesterday – I couldn’t have put it better myself. Marry Christmax from me too!


9 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings from INA Market

  1. Hi Pamela,
    happy christmass and happy new yr,
    i was just guessing if u have tried the Yogart/Lassi based yellow colored Kadi (usually eaten with steam rice) one of the Punjabis and northen indian lunch dish, usually made in dhabas or resturants on Tuesday. Just try some time I guess u will like it and its lot of variants are avilable around India with more spices (south India), with Gur(Gujarat), etc. Its round the yr kind of dish.
    Another try for you during winters is the Punjabi famous sarsoon ka saag awith butter & makki ke roti, avilable arnd most of dhabas and resturants in Delhi during winters.
    At the end try the sweet moong daal ka halwa, specially made during Delhi’s winters as its hot, u can try at home also by grounding the green daal and then roasting it after tht using the same as floor for making the halwa. U can try at any Nathu/Sweet Shop/Haldiram
    Hope u can try and give ur feedback

  2. love your blog too, have not yet got around to trying the sitaram dewanchand recipe.
    With all the mis-spellings, I think an abbreviated dictionary should be put out for these spelling-challenged guys.

    One classic noted elsewhere in india “Child beer” for chllled beer. Yikes!

  3. Hi Pamela,
    I guess if the person is on road/travelling can enjoy much better rather then sticking round a schedule, thts my philosophy as tht bring element of surprise in everything weather food, travel, adventure, meeting new peoples, etc.
    this way surprise and adventure become part of daily habit/routine.

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