Daulat Ki Chaat- A Glimpse of Heaven in the Backstreets

daulat ki chaat

Pamela talks about her summer experience of eating some delicious Daulat ki chaat during a walk at Khan Market.

Daulat ki chaat is usually sold by the seller who is locally called the ‘Shakakandi’ seller, who scoops out a flesh of daulat and douses it with masala and lemon juice. This dish resembles the soft meringue of a lemon meringue pie but the taste is entirely different.

The Daulat leaves behind a feeling of smooth creaminess and sweetness on the tongue whilst tantalizing the senses with its hint of saffron, sugar, and nuts. The team at Eat and Dust gives it a 100/10.

According to Old Delhi legend, Daulat ki chaat is made during cold winter nights under the light of a full moon when liters of sweetened milk are whisked for hours until it becomes a luscious cloud. The top layer is sprinkled with saffron and decorated with silver leaves. The daulat is then served to all either with pistachio nuts, khoy, or boora.

If there was one dish that could sum up the magic and mystery of Old Delhi Street food, then it would surely be this lucky dish.

Priced at just 20 rupees, this dish of Delhi doesn’t discriminate between classes and provides the feeling of luxury to all- from the rickshaw-pullers to the great executives of embassies.