Upar-Wali Chai* @ Gunpowder

Exciting times here at Eat and Dust.

Those lovely people over at Gunpowder, purveyors of wonderful south indian food,  recently asked me to ‘Guest Chef’ at their restaurant in Hauz Khas Village.  My first reaction was to laugh long and loudly – not only have I never ‘guest cheffed’, in fact I wasn’t terribly clear what a Guest Chef is, I’ve  never actually cooked outside my own kitchen.

But then I started thinking – with the days getting shorter and the nights getting nippier, what about doing a cosy afternoon tea? The advantage of tea over any other kind of meal is that most of the food can be made in advance with the minimum of last-minute kitchen drama.  Astonishingly, Satish, Gunpowder’s laid back chef/proprietor was up for it so for the last few weeks my friend, and now co-‘Guest Chef’, Laura (she makes very classy cakes!), have been trying out our repertoire on friends.

Last Sunday we had a glorious tea for  20 in Laura’s garden.  The weather was perfect, the cakes looked gorgeous and the feedback was flattering!

We made curry puffs, mini-uttapam (our little south Indian homage!), cheese pastries, smoked trout toasts, crushed raspberry cupcakes, pistachio and chocolate macaroons, florentines and chocolate cake.  I baked for about 36 hours straight but it was worth it to hear the oohs and aahs as we brought out the goodies.

We’ll be making even more for ‘Upar-Wali Chai*@ Gunpowder’ on 6th December (in fact I need to crack on with a rum-soaked fruitcake right now!) and with the restaurant’s relaxed ambience and stunning views of Hauz Khas lake, it promises to be an afternoon in sugar heaven!

I’m taking bookings from today – if you fancy coming along, drop me a line – uparwalichai@gmail.com

* Upar-Wali Chai: n. tea, high. Decadent tea-time treats served with no restraint whatsoever


15 thoughts on “Upar-Wali Chai* @ Gunpowder

  1. good times you all had..
    the cupcakes and the Florentine and the macaroons all look so wonderful…
    say my hello to Laura , lovely garden she has…

    this is a spectacular prelude to the uparwali chai….i wish…i soooo wish…

  2. Sugato – tea will start at 4 – hope you can make it!
    Anu – cost will be 400 rupees per head – for unlimited savouries and cakes!

  3. Congrats on a job well done, Pamela! The spread looks so tantalizing, I’m just going to have to run to my closest cake shop (here in downtown Melbourne) and get a dose of local decadence!

  4. Upar wali chai – hahahaha, that’s too hilarious Pamela. Lovely blog, yummy pictures, and I am certain the eats will be scrumptious… I like to travel, eat and write on food too. Was in Nagaland just last fortnight, trying some deep-fried bumble bees and so on. Perhaps we can chat some time, over a an espresso or upar wali chai? Cheers, Mudita Mubayi (9810543595)

  5. Thanks Mudita, although I think I can live without the bumble bees! Espresso sounds good, and we’re hoping to do another Tea mid January

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