Moving House, Going Back in Time

Vegetables by Horse and CartLife certainly gets in the way of blogging sometimes!  My excuse this time is an unscheduled house move which, because of relentlessly spiralling rents in Delhi is becoming a fact of life for us here.

This is our 4th house in 4 years – you’d think we’d be getting good at it – but as we all know, there’s no quick or pain-free way to uproot.

The past three weeks have been a blur of packing and unpacking, an endless parade of tradesmen (none of whom seem to manage to leave us with broadband), and the frazzling effects of a whole family feeling out of sorts. There’s been precious little cooking and absolutely no blogging (this is being cobbled together on my phone and I feel as if I’m going to go blind!).

There was a moment of cheer the other morning though when I spotted our new neighbourhood’s sabzi wallah (veg man).

It turns out our daily greens are delivered on a horse and cart – that’s what happens when you seek out Delhi’s more ‘interesting’ locales! It gets better – not only do I get to live out an olden days rustic fantasy, according to my Hindi teacher, ‘Gori-Gari’ vegetables usually come direct from the village rather than the wholesale market in Delhi. How about that – my very own farm delivery service – now I just need to get the kitchen up and running!


5 thoughts on “Moving House, Going Back in Time

  1. i am in splits Pamella!!

    for this is a ghora gari not a gori gari…he he…ghora is the horse….

    now i want to shift into your neighborhood….never seen such a cool subziwala..

    i am missing your posts.. write about other stuff till you start your own cooking!!

  2. Where on earth, I mean ‘in Delhi’, have you moved to? Hand carts are the best we can do… besides the nice market i have about a 20min walk away.

  3. gori = white/fair woman

    gari = vehicle/cart

    ghori = mare

    ghora = horse

    I think the right usage is a “ghora gari” and not gori gari.

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