Commonwealth Games 2010: Good News For Delhi’s Food-Lovers?

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As part of the chaotic process of getting our city in a fit shape to host the Commonwealth Games in October 2010, and in a bid to reduce the incidence of Delhi belly for the anticipated influx of sport-lovers, the  authorities have turned their attention to the city’s eateries.

Early indications are not good: newspapers reported today that the Confederation of Indian Industry recently surveyed 1000 restaurants close to the Games Village (conceptual at this stage, obviously), Connaught Place, Dilli Haat, Greater Kailash, South Extension and found none of them reached acceptable levels of hygiene.

It’s unclear what grounds there are for optimism but the CII is chipper,  “While most of the eateries that we checked have not been maintaining prescribed hygienic conditions, it is not difficult to achieve the required standards,” said a spokesman.  Really?  Apparently it’s all just a matter of training and the incidents like the one a friend told me about today – a rat landing in the lap of his dining companion during a recent meal at a restaurant in New Friends’ Colony – will be a thing of the past.  We live in hope!

First thousand eateries get thumbs down in quality survey (Indian Express 19th October)


5 thoughts on “Commonwealth Games 2010: Good News For Delhi’s Food-Lovers?

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  2. The sweet in the picture is known as Imarti. Jalebi and Imarti may look similar but they are different in taste. 🙂

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