Pear Pancakes


I think these might be the perfect Sunday  treat pancakes. A combination  of caramelised lemony pear and a richer than usual batter, they make for a luxurious weekend breakfast.

They were a firm favourite of the kids when we were in Scotland but we haven’t eaten them for ages – I thought the recipe had been lost in one of our many moves.  So I was delighted to find it this week, tucked away  in an old notebook – the splatters on the page evidence of how many of  these pancakes have been devoured over the years.

a favourit recipe

a favourite recipe

The recipe is based on one by Australian food writer Donna Hay who suggested them as a dessert.  The original  recipe specifies buttermilk but I didn’t have any to hand today so  I used a mixture of yogurt and water and they turned out just as moreish as we all remembered. Don’t use milk, though, you won’t get the right tangy richness.

Buttermilk Pear Pancakes

2 cups plain flour

2 level tsp baking powder

quarter cup caster sugar

3 eggs

3 cups buttermilk or 2 cups yogurt mixed with 1 cup water

50g butter melted

2 large ripe pears

Juice of one lemon

A couple of teaspoons of caster sugar

1. Sift the flour and baking powder in a large bowl

2. Stir in sugar

3. In a separate bowl whisk together buttermilk/yogurt and water along with eggs and melted butter

4. Gradually whisk the buttermilk mixture into the dry ingredients until you have a smooth, thick batter

5. Peel and thickly slice pears, sprinkle with lemon juice and sugar

6. Melt a little ghee or butter in a non-stick frying-pan and saute a slice of pear on both sides

7. When the pear is slightly caramelised, pour over half a ladle of the pancake batter. Cook on both sides until golden brown

8. Serve with butter, maple syrup and the Sunday papers


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